When looking to add an extra element to your Generation Iron Apparel, the Strength Wars clothing line can make you seem virtually unstoppable. Whether it be a Generation Iron Strength Wars tank, tee, or accessory, you will be a force inside and out of the gym.

Strength Wars brings you the best in entertainment as it provides epic strength battles where athletes will face off in a variety of events and from all areas of strength sports. The series pits elite athletes from all strength sports like bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, CrossFit, and Street Workouts in events including deadlifting, squats, bench press reps, pull-ups, keg lifts, and a host of other seriously heavy lifts. With a passion for strength sports, the ultimate winner is crowned, giving one athlete the chance to be crowned Strength Wars champion.

Coming in April 2021, Generation Iron will release the official Strength Wars film titled Strength Wars: The Movie, where the biggest strength tournament in the competition’s history is set to go under way. Directed by Vlad Yudin and produced by Edwin Mejia Jr., this film has an all-star cast of serious strength athletes all vying for the top spot in the eight-person tournament. Athletes include Larry Wheels, Anabolic Horse, Terron Beckham, Jerry Pritchett, and others as they train and prepare for an exciting event.

In honor of this legendary film and killer idea of Strength Wars, Generation Iron Apparel has added a unique line of top quality and awesome Strength Wars products. The Strength Wars skull tank will show off those guns while giving you comfort and versatility for whatever workout may come your way. For those who don’t want a tank, the Strength Wars T-shirt and sweatshirt are killer options to add to your fit of Generation Iron clothing. Tight enough to make those muscles pop yet comfort and versatile enough for any movement and everyday activity, these two options are perfect for those looking for a slightly more modest approach.

We would be remised to neglect the great Strength Wars Accessories available as well. The skull chain will show everyone how serious you are about strength sports and the finely detailed skull will let you show off your Strength Wars pride. Add to your fit with a stellar Strength Wars wristband with the words Strength Wars and the official skull logo plastered for all to see. A great Generation Iron outfit is simply not complete without some stellar accessories to go a long with any Generation Iron Clothing.

To wear this Strength Wars Apparel means you are committed to strength and unstoppable focus, never satisfied with average. What makes Strength Wars special is that it is a competition to be the best with raw strength and power, sheer grit and determination, and a will to push your body to unimaginable limits. While these athletes participating may be on a different playing field, it doesn’t mean you can’t get there too. Deck yourself out with some amazing Strength Wars Apparel and start to see a change in that strength athlete you want to become.