Lords & Lions originated on the West Coast and represents a certain lifestyle. To compete as an athlete, you need two things: Bravery and Mastery. You need the courage and ferocity of a lion and the power to master your skill and your destiny. This is how Lords & Lions was born. Our brand prides itself on representing these qualities. The ferocious. The exceptional.

Lord: noun ˈlrd – someone or something having power, authority, or influence; a master or ruler.

Lion: noun ˈlī-ən – a brave, strong, or fierce person.

This lifestyle brand is hand built to be worn in every aspect of life. For casual days or intense training days. Either way – display that you are a leader, a master, a victor. When looking to establish dominance, you must look the part and this clothing line will certainly get the job done.

Starting out, a great Lords & Lions tee is the easiest way to go to get your muscles showing and your confidence at an all time high. With the Lords & Lions brand tattooed right on the front, or the Lion crest across your chest, you will certainly see the power you possess when you toss this on your back. A comfortable slim fit is met with the versatility to tackle any workout or simply find that leisure time we all know and love. When it comes to a great sweatshirt, either for those cold months or to simply look good in the warm ones, Lords & Lions has a great selection of premium sweatshirts to proudly display your allegiance to this great cause. A stellar cotton-polyester blend with kangaroo pockets will give you serious pride and confidence as you flaunt your gains wherever and whenever you want. To meet you in the middle, the Lords & Lions Crewneck is a little lighter with logos plastered everywhere so people know just how serious you are.

A great Lords & Lions fit wouldn’t be complete without a comfortable pair of sweatpants to go along with it. Great for any occasion, whether that be in the gym or out of it, these sweatpants provide comfort and pride as you show off which clan you belong to. With the crest embroidered on the left leg, everyone will cower as you approach the squat rack. Once you show off those gains, there will be no looking back. A cotton-polyester blend available in black or grey, your options to look great are endless with the Lords & Lions Apparel line.

A great Generation Iron outfit is not complete without great head wear. Both the Lords & Lions snapback and adjustable hat are perfect to round out any fit for style and active use. The velvet brimmed adjustable hat will add that extra element of style as you flaunt your gains around town. For those colder months, a black or grey beanie is perfect to keep you warm and provide style, with the Lords & Lions crest dead center for all to see.

Lords & Lions is a premium brand of Generation Iron Apparel to make you look and feel great, while boosting your confidence to that lion status we all know is in us. To seek bravery and mastery requires a level of hard work and discipline many people lack, but with the Lords & Lions Apparel line, you are one step closer to becoming a serious force.